Common Loon Chick Riding on Back of Adult

Bruce Moffat

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I’ve been interested in photography since high school when I got my first 35mm camera. Through the years, developing Black and White, joining camera clubs, waiting for slides to come back from processing I have learned a lot. In more recent years of retirement I’ve been able to take full advantage of digital cameras and advancing generations of lenses. While bird photography is my number one passion all manner of nature fascinates me and I will get just as excited watching a band of tadpoles swimming under my boat as I will watching manta rays in Galapagos.
This shot is of a Common Loon chick I named BIGFOOT out in the middle of a lake just 2 days after it hatched. Mom and Dad would take turns feeding and letting it rest on their backs. This is typical behavior of many waterbirds in the first weeks before they are strong enough to dive and avoid predators. There was only one chick hatched in the past 3 years but there is an egg in a nest on the lake as of the end of May 2020! Photo taken laying on a paddle board using a Canon 7D Mark II and a Canon 500mm F4 lens secured with a ‘frypod’ and gimbal head.