The Undertaker

David Andrews

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I moved to Nanaimo from Ontario, with my wife, Maggie in 2017. I joined the Harbour City Photography Club also in 2017 shortly after purchasing my first DSLR camera a year earlier.
Joining a group of like-minded people has allowed me to grow and to appreciate that there is much more to picture taking than just a snapshot.
I have been able to glean much info and experience, and an appreciation of just what the camera can capture, through my membership with HCPC. With seminars, videos and special interest groups, not to mention a lot of trial and error over the past three years, I have developed an eye to composing a shot as opposed to just taking that snapshot. And, sometimes you just get lucky.
That is how this picture came about. I had walked by his pen several times and noticed that he followed me along each time. On one such occasion I stopped to observe this fellow a little more closely; loved the sunlight on his head, and that intent stare he fixed me with. A picture had to be taken!
And that is the picture you are looking at today. It is of a Marabou Stork at the Pacific Northwest Raptor Centre near Duncan, B.C. A native of South Africa, and dubbed by the locals as the “Undertaker”. (1/400 sec., F/7.1, @270mm.)
This is the only entry submitted this year, and I feel privileged to have it accepted by a panel of judges for display.
I hardly ever go outside that the Nikon is not firmly in hand. You never know what will be waiting for you around the next bend. Plus – it is just plain fun. Thank you for having a read. Cheers.