Vendors Galore

John Young

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John Young bought his first camera, a Kodak instamatic, for his family’s trip from Saskatoon to to Expo 67 in Montreal. He dabbled in photography until about 10 years ago when he took a 6-day workshop at the University of Saskatchewan Fine Arts Centre at Emma Lake, but didn’t put much time into it until he joined the HCPC 8 years ago.
Vendors Galore” – Oaxaca, Mexico. I took this in December 2018 in el centro of the city. There was a wedding party parading down the street, and I caught these vendors, unaware that their photos are being taken, and that I had a slow enough shutter speed (.5 sec) to show some movement. I kept the aperture at 5.6 because I didn’t want to bump the ISO up past 320.