Here’s Looking at You

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Jurgen Schwerdt

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I have enjoyed photography for many years. It wasn’t until I retired in 2002 that I had more time to devote to this hobby. The real change came when I embraced digital, which for me was a reluctant transition. The freedom to shoot as many images without thought to film was liberating. It truly encourages you to try different styles and techniques.

During this process I also expanded the variety of lens which opened up even more opportunities. In particular it was the closeup lens that has drawn me to my favourite of macro photography. To view the world around you in such minute detail truly shows you how much a quick glance is missing.

As a resident of Nanaimo, there are ample opportunities to explore. In particular my own backyard with its extensive landscaping is often my destination of inspiration and choice. My two images [Here’s Looking at You] and [Gossamer Wings] were both photographed in my backyard.