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Kate Ampersand

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Artist Statement: As a photographer, my eye is drawn to patterns, textures, shapes & shadows – whether existing in nature or man-made. I tend to focus on architectural details that most people are too busy to notice. Unlike many contemporary photographers, I don’t “do” Photoshop, and intentionally keep my post-processing minimal. I prefer capturing moments as they actually exist, in camera, over sitting at a computer producing digital manipulations. My goal is to create images that are authentic, beautiful and mysterious – just like real life.
Comments on Image: While standing in the middle of this long dark tunnel, I was initially trying to capture the silhouette of two workers as they strode towards the exit. Just as the workmen reached the end of the tunnel and stepped out of the darkness, the scene suddenly exploded with colour: the sunlight hit them and briefly caused their safety vests to reflect off the walls & ceiling of the tunnel. A second later they were gone. This one shot became my “decisive moment” photo, à la Cartier-Bresson.