Struggle for Existence

$400. Dye-infused aluminum print. Strangler fig, Costa Rica

Pierre Mineau

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Taken in the Costa Rican rainforest, this 16” X 24” aluminum die-sublimated print shows two strangling vines racing up their host tree to reach the light. One or both may end up entombing their host. You can see more of my photography at (website only partially constructed at this point) and/or contact me at [email protected] for sales and inquiries.
I have owned a camera and have been a keen photographer since the age of 12. Black and white print making, using 35mm, medium format and a 4X5 land camera, became my main method of expression in the 70s, 80s and 90s — drawing inspiration from the likes of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Minor White. Like many of my peers, I made the transition to the digital medium and now enjoy the huge latitude that is now offered by these new tools, while trying to stay true to the essence of what makes a great photograph – striking compositions as well as the skillful use of light and shadow to provide visual interest and intrigue.
My background as an environmental scientist has given me an appreciation and love for the natural world and its intrinsic beauty. I often seek parks and other areas protected from the abuses humans have heaped on nature. I have made my home on Salt Spring Island where I am active in the arts and photography community. In 2019, I chaired an island-wide photography festival – Photofest. This year’s edition has been canceled because of COVID. We hope you can join us in June 2021