The Gathering Storm

Ricarda Brusegard

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I am a photographer living in Nanaimo. I did not seriously take up photography until a few years after our 2015 move from Toronto. The beauty and variety of the landscape and animal life of Vancouver Island are what initially piqued my interest, and while I enjoy all themes my passion is street photography. New York City is the ultimate street photographer’s dream and I visit there as often as I can. Email: [email protected]
Photo taken December 23 2019. Taking photos of the views over the Salish Sea is what first got me really started in photography. The water, the clouds, the quality of the light changes hour by hour and day by day. I titled this as I did because the looming clouds capture the current mood of the world – it harkens to Winston Churchill’s book of the same name which covers the period from the end of WWl to July 1945 and his feeling that WWll was a largely senseless but unavoidable conflict.